Bens-Wish-Logo-Vert-300It started out a sunny day
My cousin Robby picked me up.
To Sweet Lake we would drive that day
In Uncle Pat’s old pickup truck.

Six hours that felt like eternity
Finally brought us to God’s Land
Uncle Bob set up camp and I got to work
To build our camp fire without a single hand

Then came nine o’clock
When Aunt Jane and Tamara finally showed
Dinner was late but tasted great
By a fire that kept a glow

Tyler, Paul, Tamara and I
Watched a great movie and laughed out loud
We ate Uncle Bob’s birthday cake
And didn’t make a sound

Paul and I peed on the fire
Before we all went to bed
Then got cozy in the Liesch’s camper
Because there was an exciting day ahead

I woke up the next day,
A little chilly from the night before
Only to start the fire again
From the coals resting in the pits floor

My dad started cooking up
The best eggs and sausage I’ve ever had
I let my stomach rest for a bit
Then thought that fishing didn’t sound so bad

I walked down the path to the dock
With my puppy Emmy at my heel
Then Tamara and I fished side by side
Sharing my fishing reel

After a while
We all decided to go our own ways
So I cleaned up camp
And kept the fire ablaze

Finally Uncle Steve,
Alexa and Anna decide to show
Because its was Friday night
And we had to go to Sage’s for fish dontcha know

Dinner was slow to come
But waiting there was quite a blast
I played and laughed with all my cousins
So my burger came very fast

After we finished dinner
It was time to head back to the lake
Uncle Steve let me drive the four-wheeler
And it was really great

Back at camp it was time
For a yummy campfire treat
I roasted marshmallows for the s’mores
In the fire marshals seat

With my dad at my side
And my family all around,
We sat around the fire
And listened to nature’s sounds

After a few loon calls
We decided to go to sleep
My dad got the coolest camper for the night
And it was really sweet

Saturday morning came around
And I saw Uncle Bob with coffee
I asked him for a cup also
And we sat and drank and he asked all about me

French toast and sausage
That morning had never tasted so great before
But now it was time to chop some wood
Because the fire needed some more

My dad showed me how
Because my dad is the wood-chopping pro
Then he handed me the axe
And said ‘ok let’s go’

After chopping wood with my dad
I decided it was another good day for fishing
I went down to the dock
Only to see that my pole was missing

Tamara took the rod
And was trying to fish, with water to her hips
I quickly told her she had the wrong bait
And gave her a few other tips

I also helped out Little Patrick
As he reeled in a small fish with a smile on his face
Then I looked out over the water
And decided I must go to the Rave with haste

Not being scared of anything
I jumped right into the chilling water
I swam out to the rave
And jumped until I couldn’t get any hotter

I needed to cool off
So I jumped back in and swam into shore
And asked my dad
To spend some time with me, once more

I watched a movie with all my cousins
And we couldn’t have laughed any harder
Then it came time
That I got to go ATV riding with my father

Looking down now
From this amazing place
Boy I wish you could see
This huge smile I have on my face

Don’t cry for me
Not today not ever
Because I am with you
In the land, the water and the weather

I lived my life
Better than anyone I know
I did so many things
From drawing to playing in the snow

But most of all
I want everyone to see
That the love all around
Is given from me

So love me back
And dry your tears
Because this weekend I just had
Was worth a million more years


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  1. Your Star of David

    My Benji. One wish for a clear and complete picture of you, with memory effects. I’ll meet you again at the place where the heavens and the earth meet.

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