Food in Heart Bowls

Ben Wanted to Eliminate Hunger, You Can Help

Bens-Wish-Logo-Vert-300Hunger is a thief that robs families of their security and children of a chance for physical and mental development. Without the proper nutrition no child can focus on school, play sports well, or develop their full potential.

By bringing together communities and organizations we can deal with the needy and Food Insecurity issues around us.

Please donate to keep Ben’s Wish moving forward in helping family’s in our area.

Info about the Endowment Fund

Info about the Project Fund

Mail a Check to:

Ben’s Wish Project Fund – GGBCF

The Greater Green Bay Community Foundation

400 S. Washington Street
Green Bay, WI 54301
Phone (920) 432-0800

Make a donation directly to a pantry:

Click here for a list of local pantries